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.308 caliber, 150 grain Nosler Partition recovered from
Bullet Test Tube. Impact Velocity 2650 fps.
Hunters have many bullets to choose from.  The Bullet Test
Tube can help them select
the best one for their needs.

If you want to know how a new bullet like this Barnes MRX will perform before you take it
hunting, shoot it into the
Bullet Test Tube.

In the past, hunters looking to test the effectiveness of their bullets were limited to inconsistent media that did not provide much practical information about bullet effectiveness.  Stacks of newspapers or ordnance gelatin are problematic and only offer a glimpse of terminal bullet performance.  Up until now, attempts at developing a media for testing bullets focused on duplicating animal tissue which is a scientific impossibility.
A bullet testing media should be designed to test bullets in a way that hunters can compare bullet performance and learn something about a bullet’s wounding potential.  This is the concept behind The Bullet Test Tube©.  The TUBE© was designed for the sole purpose of evaluating the terminal performance of bullets with the ultimate goal of providing hunters a Total Understanding of Bullet Expansion

Test Tube Medium

The Bullet Test Tube is a proprietary mixture of re-useable materials that allows for the measurement of every critical aspect of terminal bullet performance.  Retained weight and expanded diameter of the bullet, along with total penetration can easily be measured in the TUBE.  The most important attribute of the TUBE, and what distinguishes it from all current bullet testing medias, is its ability to capture the wound cavity created by the bullet.  The TUBE allows precise measurement of the wound cavity size, shape and volume and will educate hunters on the expansion dynamics and wounding potential of every bullet tested. 
The Bullet Test Tube is designed to work with all defensive handgun cartridges, varmint bullets and low velocity hunting cartridges.  It will also capture the wound cavity from most any bullet.  For the testing of standard and high velocity rifle bullets various Xtenders© are offered.  Xtenders attach directly to The Bullet Test Tube to form a single TUBE.  The Bullet Test Tube and Xtenders fit together in a uniquely designed Ship & Shoot© packaging system.  Finally, hunters have access to an affordable, portable bullet testing laboratory that will provide them with a Total Understanding of Bullet Expansion.  Just as important, the expansion material inside the Bullet Test Tube is infinitely re-useable and can be melted into forms available from Ballistic Technology.
Justifiably, hunters have conducted extensive ammunition testing to find a bullet that will shoot accurately in their rifles only hoping it would offer the terminal performance necessary to bring a quick and clean end to their hunt.  The Bullet Test Tube has changed that.  Hunters no longer have to worry about their bullet being up to the test.

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